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The bioMérieux PPLS Program is comprised of bioMérieux-Initiated Research (BIR) and Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) studies. The PPLS Program is open globally to all academic and community-based physicians and researchers (internal and external) interested in conducting research related to bioMérieux diagnostic products including those of subsidiaries BioFire and Astute.

bioMérieux-Initiated Research (BIR) projects are those which are conceived, designed, implemented and supported entirely by bioMérieux, in collaboration with external partners (clinicians, researchers, universities, other companies, NGOs, etc.).

Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) projects are those which are conceived, designed, and implemented primarily by an external party, and only partially supported by bioMérieux in a limited capacity in terms of providing any or all of the following: funding, reagents, loan of instruments, training.

Proposals must be submitted in English and are reviewed by a committee of medical and scientific staff who regularly review these proposals. Please take the time to describe the study in adequate detail so that our review committee has a good understanding of the study design, objectives, and workflow. bioMérieux may decide to support studies by providing any or all of the following: scientific expertise, funding, reagents, loan of instruments, training.

In reviewing study proposals, we consider whether the proposed study:

  • Is well described and has a scientifically valid study design.
  • Is aligned with bioMérieux research goals of evaluating the technical, medical, and/or economic value of bioMérieux products to patients, health care providers, administrators, laboratories, healthcare systems and/or payers.
  • Provides incremental value to the current body of knowledge regarding bioMérieux products.
  • Complies with regulatory requirements, ethical standards, and bioMérieux’ business standards.
  • Is conducted by experienced and qualified investigators.
  • Is expected to result in publication in a peer-reviewed journal or other recognized professional forum within two years of initiation.

Scope of research can include, but is not restricted to, assessing laboratory workflow, assay or product performance, and important medical or economic outcomes.

We support sponsored studies to add to the body of knowledge about bioMérieux products. We do not support studies to influence individual purchasing decisions.

bioMérieux-Initiated Research (BIR) concepts and proposals could be submitted by any concerned bioMérieux employee. The BIR concept and proposal should appropriately assess the clear need concerning evidence gaps and business goals for the review committee to make a decision. 

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